The Exhibition Hall of History & Civilization

 The Archaeological Site of Yuejiazhai  The Archaeological Site of Luojiazhai  History of Fuzhou  Caoshan Temple  The Mount Magu in Nancheng County  Baishe Kiln  The Hereditary Form of Emperor Yi  Ancient Village—Liukeng Village  Yiqian Town  Zhouhu Dafudi  Wenchang Bridge  "Shihe Tian’en" Archway  Wankui Pagoda  Grey Pottery Vessel Made in the Shang Dynasty with Comb-like Lines and Huge Mouth  Green Glazed Vessel Made in the Eastern Han Dynasty with Earthen Handles  Celadon Pot Made in the Western Jin Dynasty with Plate-like Mouth and Double Bridge-like Handles  Celadon Pot Made in the Eastern Jin Dynasty with Plate-like Mouth and Chicken-head-shaped Spout  Brown Glazed Pot Made in the Tang Dynasty with Twisted Knobs, Open Mouth and Double Handles  Bell shaped bronze mirror with bronze inscription of Fei Jian Si of Southern Song Dynasty  Black-glazed cup of Jizhou kiln with plum blossom pattern of Southern Song Dynasty  Pottery figurine of a standing man holding a compass of Song Dynasty  Blue and White Porcelain Powder Pox with flying geese pattern of the Yuan Dynasty  Blue and white porcelain jar with interlocking chrysanthemum pattern of Yuan Dynasty  Longquan plate with engraved flower patterns  Blue and white porcelain bottle with a trumpet-like mouth and plum blossom pattern of Qing Dynasty  Bluish-white-glazed ewer of Northern Song Dynasty  Bluish-white glazed bowl of Southern Song Dynasty with engraved pattern of children at play  Bluish-white-glazed Mangkou bowl with flowers and double phoenix patterns of Song Dynasty  Bluish-white-glazed Melon Edge Jar from Song Dynasty